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Explore the Power of Dentures in Marshalltown

Not all teeth last forever. While cracked, broken, decaying, or cavity-filled teeth can be hard to live with, missing teeth are often seen as the worst-case scenario.

Missing teeth can be extremely awkward, creating problems with talking, chewing, and smiling. For those lacking confidence due to an absence of teeth or large gaps from missing or shifted teeth, it may seem as if there’s no way to obtain a beautiful smile once more, but with custom-made dentures from Colene Grecian, DDS, you can show off your pearly whites for years to come.

middle aged woman smiling

What Are Dentures?

A denture is a removable fixture that is used to simulate real teeth. Dentures generally come in two distinct forms: full dentures and partial dentures. Full dentures are designed to replace all the teeth in your mouth and may involve removing any remaining teeth before application. Partial dentures rest on a metal framework that anchors to existing teeth. This can be a more cost-effective alternative to bridges.

Unlike more invasive procedures, like tooth implants, that drill into the bone of the mouth, dentures utilize a thin, flexible acrylic base that is placed over the existing gum line and affixed with temporary glue. Dentures can be used and removed as necessary.

Types of Dentures


Conventional dentures are placed in the mouth only after gums have fully healed from tooth removal. This may take several months, leaving patients without teeth in the interim.


Immediate dentures can be inserted immediately after teeth are removed. This alternative provides teeth right away, but often involves numerous adjustments as the bone supporting teeth reshapes during the healing process.

Why Do I Need Dentures?

Dentures offer many benefits to individuals in need, replacing missing teeth with a comfortable, affordable solution. With dentures, you can easily change the size and shape of your smile, creating a straight, even impression.

Whether due to natural tooth loss or dentist-motivated removal, dentures can help maintain the look and feel of your mouth. Dentures make it easier to talk and help preserve the contours of your face, preventing against the appearance of premature aging.

Your Perfect Dentures

If you are considering dentures, Colene Grecian, DDS is happy to help. When you come in for your appointment, an initial exam can help determine your best fit. If you still have a majority of teeth remaining, partial dentures may be able to fill in gaps. If most of your teeth are no longer in place, your dentist can help you determine a removal and denture strategy. Molds will be taken of your jaw to aid in the production process, ensuring a fit that’s right for your mouth. Your dentist will provide detailed care instructions, so be sure to follow these as closely as possible to maintain the integrity of your dentures. If unexpected tooth pain or an accident have you suffering, give us a call and schedule an appointment. Reach out to our office by calling 641-752-3337 at your earliest convenience!